Step 2 - Choose a web host

Choosing a host should not be taken lightly. Your business depends upon selecting a hosting partner who runs their hosting business full-time. Avoid free hosting services and those that only charge a few dollars per month. It takes hundreds of hosting clients to pay for a server and the low cost providers concentrate on filling a server up to its maximum capacity. The end result is a slower response time when customers visit your site. In addition, many unprofessional hosting companies do not make an effort to apply the latest security patches, and they have no backup or disaster recovery strategy. You could end up being wiped out in seconds when you trust a less than first class hosting provider.

You will have a choice of hosting on a Windows or a Linux server. It doesn't matter what type of PC you use at home as the Windows or Linux designation pertains only to the software that your host uses. There are benefits and drawbacks to both operating systems. Generally, however, Linux hosting plans are less expensive and the Linux O/S, combined with the Apache server, is one of the best choices you could make.

Once you choose a web host and register, you will have to go back to the domain name registrar and update a field called Domain Name Server (DNS) and enter the DNS for your new web host. You will most likely receive the DNS information in the welcome letter that your hosting company sends you. If you do not, contact their support desk and ask. When you log into your domain name registrar account, there should be help available to tell you how to make the setting change. If you can't find it, ask their support desk for assistance.

Your new web site will not show up when your URL is typed into a browser until you make these changes. It can take as long as 2-3 days for the changes to show up in all of the DNS servers around the world.

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