Drop Shipment Service providers


Following is a brief list of selected links to drop shipment and similar service provider's websites.

This site allows you to purchase over 50,000 products online. They can be drop shipped directly from manufacturer authorized distributors and resellers. They are currently seeking workers from home.

No transaction fees. No prepayments. No minimum order required. Three types of plans to choose from, ranging in price from $49.99 to $199.99 per month.

Safety Technology.
Offers safety equipment including stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, and tasers. Several start up packages available.

Eye Five
Equipped to quickly meet all your shipping needs. Advanced tracking system for easy locating of all packages. No upfront costs. Offering overseas shipments as well. holesale-sources.

Offers over 500,000 products. Many free products with your order. No upfront fees for inventory.

The Medical Supply Company Inc.
Offers 30 day money back guarantee. Free product catalog. Free customer support.

Wide selection of brands and items to choose from. FAQ section and customer support offered.

Writing Spot
Testimonials, detailed description of how drop shipping works. No fees for inventory. Offers Ebay power pak.

One kit.com Software Magazine
Features top 10 list of hot selling items. News and Articles section.

Claim to be the best drop ship company to work with. No minimum purchase required. FAQ section. Lots of information including products, prices, policies, etc. Everything here is very easy to find and very detailed information.

No purchase required until you have sold the item, then they will ship it direct to the customer for you. Large selection of items. Shipping in the USA or elsewhere.

Drop Ship Area
This site offers information on how to make money as well as possible scams out there to be aware of in this industry.

Get e store .com
Information on how to open a store, customer support, low starting cost of $49.99.

Offers over 10 million products to choose from, thousands of name brands. Detailed information on how drop shipping works.

Drop Shippers .com
Offers drop shipping secrets. 24 hour customer support.

Drop ship Wholesaler Provider
No account fees. Offers product research, reseller guide, suppliers list.

The Wholesaler Room
Search their entire selection for free. No minimum order. No extra shipping costs, only the actual cost to get it delivered.

Drop ship Design
No transaction fees. Basic plan gives access to over 50,000 products. Offers a data feed plan that sends all information direct to your PC in plain text files.

Direct Buy Video
Offering a wide assortment of videos for resale.

Liquidation. Com
Lists of featured products. Great detailed search availed to make finding products easier.

Mega Goods.com
Site offers to pay 25% of the shipping cost on every purchase. Full list of sale items to choose from.

Lowest Priced Clothing
Guaranteed lowest price on clothing. Free catalog. Money back guarantee. Offering name brand clothing.

Cutting Edge Products
Has been in business for 15 years. Testimonials. Top selling products. Orders must be for $100 or less. Under $100 will be assessed a $25 fee.

Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts
Offering unique items including handbags, quilts, tapestries, and scarves.

Toxic Computer
All items are categorized for easy access. Very easy purchasing information.

No minimum order required. Offering police and protection equipment.

Native Remedies
Offering wholesale medicines that are natural.

Offering name brand clothing.

Offers important information on how drop shipping works. Offers gifts and collectible items. No membership fees.

Stone Edge Technologies, Inc.
It has been in business since 2000. Offers easy shopping cart integration.

Apex Battery
Offering at types of batteries. Carries name brands.

Gemini Computers
Offers a full line of computers and computer accessories.

POS Computers USA, Inc.
computers sales. Great rates on shipping.

North American Wholesale Co-op Association.
Claims to be the largest supplier of drop shipping. Offers the lowest price on the internet on all products guaranteed.

Drop ship e Commerce
Offers detailed information for sellers. Store offers price comparison chart.

Aid and Trade
Offers cosmetics and clothing for children.

PAE Publications
Offers a complete directory of all drop ship merchandise.

DH Gate
Over 200,000 products from China suppliers.

Dakota Steel Art
Offering stainless steel items.

Drop Ship Connection
Offers free 25 mb of web space. No tolerance for spam or pornography.

No Sugar Coating
Lots of basic information. Offers great deals on closeout items.

Trade Loop
Free trial membership. After trial membership $30 per month. Offers computers, computer accessories, and hard to find computer parts.

Mega Goods
Monthly fee of $14.99. Ongoing free support. Began business in 1999.

Net Drop Shipper
Over 13,000 products in stock. Free membership.

Online Supplier
Several infomercials airing on TV. High pressure sales and up sales.

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