Gloves manufacturers, exporters, importers and wholesale distributers

Following is a brief list of selected links to websites, which provide information on various types of gloves and thier availability.

Examination and disposable gloves for many industries, including medical, dental, laboratory, veterinary, food, and automotive industries

Latex and Nitrile gloves for medical, dental and surgical use, plus all purpose and household latex gloves.

Ansell Healthcare
HyFlex® and ChemTek™ gloves; Critical Environment Gloves (Surgical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Acid, Electronics, Cleanroom); Automotive (Metal Fabrication, Metal Stamping, Engine Assembly, Painting, Inspection, Shipping); Food Processing (Meat, Seafood, Produce, Refrigerator & Freezer, ScanSafe™)

Asdi & Ansi
A wide variety of sports gloves: Golf, Batting, Motorcycle, Cycling, Boxing, Riding, Weightlifting, Ski, Driving, Sailing, Baseball, Cross Country, and Goalkeeping Gloves, as well as Dress and Fashion Gloves, plus Police Gloves and Working Gloves.

Best Manufacturing
Worldwide supplier (USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia). General purpose gloves in rubber, nitrile and PVC; Chemical resistant gloves in rubber, PVC, nitrile, neoprene, butyl, and viton; Cut resistant gloves and sleeves in stainless steel, fiberglass, and high-performance fibers; numerous disposable and specialty gloves.

Broner Glove & Safety
Industrial glove and safety supply based in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Carolina Glove Company
Industrial (kevlar, flannel, leather, hotmill, driver, welder, string knit, supported, safety) and consumer gloves (weather, driving, chore, garden, sports, jersey, canvas, knits)

Esgro Sports
Working gloves, cycling gloves, driving gloves, boxing gloves, dressing gloves, M/C summer gloves, M/C racing gloves, and weightlifting glvoes

Family Glove Co.
Taiwanese manufacturer of consumer gloves, food processing gloves, service industry gloves, fishery gloves, automotive industry gloves, heavy industial gloves, home improvement gloves, gardening gloves.

G/A Safety and Industrial Supply
Leather work gloves, driver's gloves, welder's gloves; Supported nitrile, neoprene, PVC, vinyl gloves; Unsupported nitrile, neoprene, latex, rubber gloves; disposable medical and exam gloves; Cotton hot mill and inspection gloves; Dipped and undipped string-knit gloves; Kevlar gloves.

G.B. Industries
Malaysian manufacturer of rubber, neoprene, nitrile gloves for light industry, and lined and unlined latex and rubber household gloves

Gaozhou Ming-how Leather Products Co.
Leather work gloves, including rigger gloves, welding gloves, furniture leather gloves, driving gloves, knitted wrist gloves, cotton fabric gloves, cotton knit gloves.

General Gloves Corporation
Taiwanese manufacturer of disposable, vinyl, exam, non-latex, synthetic, PVC, powder free, clean room, ambidextrous, medical, sterile, non-phthalate, non-dop, and ATBC gloves.

General Rubber & Plastics
Rubber and plastic safety gloves

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Gloves Online
Gloves - Online is a quality manufacturer of safety, sports, industrial and fashion gloves, including leather and OSHA gloves. Find glove for Box Handing, Carpenters, Cashmere, Construction, Cotton, Cut Resistant, Cycling, Dress, Driving, Fur Lined, Flame Resistant, Formal, Glass-workers, Heat Resistant, Inspection, Knit, Leather (Casual), Leather (Dress), Leather (Work), Liners, Lint Free, Mittens, Nylon, Photography, Reflective, Safety, Sports, Static Control, Traffic Control, Uniform, Utility, Vinyl, Wedding, Welders, Wool Lined, Work

Grace International
Boxing gloves, motorbike gloves, welding gloves, working gloves, mechanic's gloves, driving gloves, biking gloves

Illinois Glove Company
Silverback™ magnetic-back gloves (for holding screws, nails, etc), leather, fabric, coated, and latex gloves, rain gloves, women's gloves, mining gloves

The John Plant Company
Specializing in inspection and assembly gloves, in cotton lisle & nylon; also cut-resistant, chemical resistant, string-knit, coated string-knit, leather, leather-palm, and nitrile gloves

Josco Products
Canvas or knit black-dot gloves, latex gloves (powdered, powder-free, flock-lined, smooth or textured), nitrile (powdered, powder-free or flock-lined) plus finger cots and glove liners

Kaasba Gloves Industries
Pakistani manufacturer of recreational gloves, including paintball gloves, skating gloves, and shooting gloves

Kanam Latex
Latex surgical gloves, gynecological gloves, examination gloves, micro surgical gloves, and orthopedic gloves (powdered or powder-free, coated or non-coated)

Kwan Tat Gloves Fty. Ltd.
Industrial gloves, leather gloves, PVC vinyl gloves, and cotton gloves

Lab Safety Supply
Industrial, disposable, rubber, latex, leather, neoprene, nitrile, PVC, butyl, polyethylene, vinyl, and coated gloves, including anti-vibration, anti-impact, chemical-resistant, cleanroom, cut-resistant, high-temp, low-temp, lineman's, mechanic's, and welding gloves

Mahr Impex
Specializes in cycling, cross-country, ski, soccer goalkeeping, dressing and motor bike gloves.

Malgant Manufacturing
Seamless knitted gloves, polyurethane coated gloves, NBR coated gloves, natural rubber coated gloves, PVC dotted gloves, or PVC supported gloves, made of cotton, nylon, Dyneema or Kevlar.

Manufactures both medical gloves (surgical, microsurgical, orthopedic, and in-vitro fertilization) and industrial gloves (cleanroom, ultra clean, and static dissipating)

"The Most Trusted Name in Gloves" - Automotive, aviation, controlled environments, dental, EMS, food service, industrial, safety, laboratory, law enforcement and corrections

Miller Products Co.
Powdered and powder-free vinyl, latex, nitrile, polyethylene and coated gloves for medical, surgical, laboratory and examination, and food handling and industrial needs

Modern Safety
Fabric gloves, chemical gloves, high heat gloves, firefighter's gloves, leather gloves, disposable gloves, specialty gloves such as anti-vibration, mesh back, weightlifting, wheelchair, finger guard, thumb guard gloves

Motex Healthcare Corp.
Latex and nitrile gloves (powdered or powder free, sterile or non-sterile) for surgical, obstetric/gynecological, and examination purposes

Northern Safety
Protective gloves in latex, nitrile, leather, coated, and chemical resistant varieties

Olympia Sports
Outdoor sporting gloves such as motorcycle gloves, ski gloves, snowboard gloves, and snowmobile gloves

Ooppoottil Group
Largest latex glove manufacturer in India, makes puncture-resistant latex surgical and examination gloves.

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Pals Enterpises
Law Enforcement Gloves (duty dress, tactical, military, motorcycle, pilot, SWAT, rappel, parade, shooting, SAP), and Sports Gloves (racing, driving, batting, sailing, weightlifting), Outdoor Gloves (ski, windstopper, mittens)

Polygenex International
Work gloves, micro dot, ESD, photo, nylon, safety

Polysem Veterinary Range
Gloves for veterinary care, including examination gloves, insemination gloves, intervention gloves, protection gloves, surgical gloves, general purpose veterinary gloves

Black Stallion Glove Products
Protective safety gloves, outdoor gloves, consumer and household gloves

Seal Polymer
High-capacity manufacturer of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves for surgical, examination, cleanroom, and general purposes.

Southern Latex
Cleaning and janitorial, home do-it-yourself, food handling, chemical handling, construction and workshop, gardening, fishing and aquaculture gloves.

Superior Glove
Work gloves: police, firefighter, chemical-resistant

Techno Glove
Nitrile, Neoprene, Latex, Kevlar Coated, Rubber, Nylon & Leather

Thaweesub Glove
Leading manufacturer in Thailand, specializing in seamless and cut-resistant string knitted gloves, and anatomic fabric gloves. Also knitted, rubber, and leather gloves.

Top Glove Corporation
"The World's Largest Rubber Glove Manufacturer" - Malaysian glove producer, making examination gloves in latex, nitrile, and vinyl, as well as surgical , household, industrial, high-risk, cleanroom, and HDPE disposable gloves

Umar Enterprises
Pakistani manufacturer of leather gloves in numerous styles: Driving, 707 working gloves, welding, garden, mechanic, anti-vibration, riding, cycle, motorbike, goalkeeper, weightlifting, motoccross, ski, and boxing gloves.

United Glove
Machine knit gloves, Kevlar gloves, industrial gloves

Universal Gloves
Latex medical gloves (surgical, examination, gynecology) and latex general purpose gloves (food industry, janitorial, gardening, many colors)

W. H. Salisbury
Rubber insulating gloves for electrical applications in a variety of customized styles: straight cuff, contour cuff, bell cuff, flare cuff

YTY Industry
Malaysian manufactuer of Dow Chemical's INTACTA™ polyurethane (PU) gloves, as well as natural rubber latex, nitrile, and synthetic latex

Zhao Feng Gloves
Specializes in leather working gloves including: cow grain leather, cow split leather, pig grain leather, pig split leather, and furniture leather gloves, and also cotton drill gloves and string knit gloves.

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